In Memoriam – Brealey Fineberg

Brealey Fineberg, our Camp Dreamcatcher Hero and friend, died on April 30th at age 13 ½.  Brealey was our Canine Therapist and he listened to the secrets and healed the hearts of hundreds of campers and volunteers.  He kissed bruises and licked faces. He never tired and traveled over the hills and valleys of Camp Saginaw for many years. He attended our Teen Leadership Retreats, Board Meetings and Events throughout the year.  Brealey always had a smile on his face and he always knew when someone was hurting and needed a hug. He even participated in our remake of the “Thriller” video and I will never forget him walking around camp wearing one white glove. He really was one of the most popular counselors and therapists at camp.

I want to thank Ginny, Bob, Dan and Cindy Fineberg for sharing their wonderful boy with us for so many years.  We mourn his loss with you and we are forever grateful to each of you for bringing him into our lives. There will be many wish logs placed on the fire in memory of Brealey this summer.

From this year on, and forever more, the Therapeutic Dog Program at Camp Dreamcatcher will be called “Brealey’s Buddies” in honor of our dear friend.  He will be missed by many and he left his pawprints on all of our hearts.

If you would like to make a donation in Brealey’s memory, please use the Donate button below:

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