Callie Fraser, LCSW: Therapist Younger Program – 10 plus years

I have been interning, working, and volunteering at Camp Dreamcatcher in many different roles and capacities since 2014 including as Program Director and more recently as a Village Chief. But, my memories go back as far as I can remember when I would help or visit my mom at the camp, who was also involved for a very long time. I continue to come back each year to see the staff, volunteers, and campers who have become family over the years.

The camp seems to attract some of the kindest and most generous people I’ve ever met, and there is something very healing about being surrounded by those people all week, as well as staying in touch throughout the year. Camp offers everyone involved an escape from their daily life, the experience itself and surrounding nature adds perspective and calm even in the chaotic moments.

Some of my favorite moments are taking a break from the to-dos and heading down to the pool or to another activity to spend time with the campers just having fun. The joy and laughter you see on campers faces at the dance, carnival, while riding horses, or doing crafts, to name a few, is contagious.

Outside of camp, I work in a private practice setting as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and therapist. Camp Dreamcatcher is where I met volunteers that taught me what Social Work even was and inspired me to switch colleges and majors in one week’s time. It is surreal to now be able to come back to camp and use that education to also run some therapeutic groups and provide therapeutic support. Camp Dreamcatcher may use up almost all your energy by the end of the week, but it has a way of filling your cup at the very same time.