Jack Schwartz, Camp Dreamcatcher Board Director

Jack was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. After graduating from Ohio State University in chemistry, he received my M.S., Ph.M. and Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry from Yale University.  That was followed by a 2 year postdoctoral position at University of California, Berkeley.  He landed a job at ICI, now AstraZeneca (an Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company) in Wilmington, DE.  He had the fortune to have numerous positions within the Company that allowed extensive travel in Europe, Scandinavia and occasionally Japan for both business and pleasure. This included living in the UK for two years. He met his wife, Maggie, at AstraZeneca. They dated several years and married in 1994. They lived in Wilmington, DE for 15 yrs and then moved in 1994 to Kennett Square, a fun, small town, in Pennsylvania.After 30 years, he retired from AstraZeneca in 2010 as executive director of oncology development, marketed products.  Maggie retired as director of development IS, one year before he did and was the ‘pilot program’ for the next phase of their lives.  Retirement has been great, although he’s as busy as when working! He’s actively involved with the local Lion’s Club, Camp Dreamcatcher and Longwood Gardens. Running and golf are his main outdoor activities. Jack and his wife enjoy traveling and take trips throughout the year. One of his hobbies is pyrotechnics and he puts on a great 4th of July display (just ask his neighbors!).