Mariah’s Mindfulness Center

I was introduced to Mariah Gladis in 1987 by my friend Charlotte Bartlett.  Shortly thereafter, I started Mariah’s three year training in psychotherapy at the Pennsylvania Gestalt Center.  In 1995, I shared my dream of creating a therapeutic community for children coping with HIV/AIDS with Mariah Gladis.  She patiently listened to all of my reasons for not following my dream, and then she told me she believed in me, and my ability to make my dream a reality. 

Over 5,200 Camp Dreamcatcher children and thousands of our volunteers have been touched by Mariah’s grace and unconditional love over the past twenty-three years.  She always had a lap available for children who needed extra hugs and support during the camp session.  In 2017, she visited camp for the last time and offered her “Arrive Already Loved” workshop to the Leaders in Training.  We are honoring Mariah’s legacy of love by naming the mindfulness center at camp after her.  Her legacy of love, and her spirit, will live on through every gesture of loving kindness and compassion that occurs during the camp week.

– Patty Hillkirk