The Paul Harris Human Potential Scholarship Program was established in 2012 by Doug Harris and in honor of his Uncle Paul Harris.  The scholarship focuses on how the applicants have demonstrated positive leadership and service in their own community and/or at Camp Dreamcatcher. The scholarship committee is also interested in how the applicants have faced the challenges of HIV/AIDS in their own leadership journeys.  Two, $1,000 scholarships are awarded each year to those who are college bound or already in college.

“My uncle Paul was an inspiring man, and always went out of his way to make sure that his family had the tools they needed to succeed. He lived his life by example, and always strived to do his best with what he had in the time that he was given. I created the scholarship in his name to share the positive values he taught me about reaching my human potential. His kindness and support inspired me to give back to Camp Dreamcatcher.” Doug Harris

“The Paul Harris Human Potential Scholarship helped me pay for textbooks during my freshman year of college so I could begin my journey into graduating college with a Bachelor Degree in Social Work. I am interested in becoming a Social Worker so I can become a Juvenile Probation Counselor. This occupation will help change many lives including my own. I plan to graduate not only with my bachelors in Social Work, but a minor in Political Science as well.”  Ashley Miller, Scholarship Recipient

paul harris human potential scholarship