Camper Quest

Camper Quest was inspired by the Outback Therapeutic Expeditions program in Utah.  It is a journey all 15 year-old Senior Campers participate in during the camp session.

Camp Dreamcatcher has adapted the concepts of creating a safe and healing space for youth to explore their emotional availability, while embarking on a three day/two night adventure into the woods of Camp Saginaw.   Camper Quest begins on Saturday, one day earlier than the regular camp session. While on the overnight, counselors and staff will facilitate group team building challenges, teach basic camping skills such as outdoor cooking, hygiene and safety practices, fire building and adventure challenges. Campers are encouraged to share their experiences, ideas and topics for discussion and are supported by staff and volunteers. During this time they will be asked to journal, support one another, and step outside of their comfort zones both physically and mentally to completely benefit from the program.

Camper Quest is challenging and fun and provides campers an opportunity to break away and find themselves.  After the completion of Camper Quest, the Seniors return to the main camp where they will participate in the annual tradition of the Senior Art Project, which will be unveiled at the camp wide Talent Show on Friday night.