Taj Brown: Teen Program – 27 years

I have been involved with Camp Dreamcatcher for 27 years!  What keeps me coming back is watching the children get older every year, and our incredible volunteer corps who create a rate space of safety and support.

My favorite camp memory is when we had the opportunity to take a field trip to the White House for a tour in 2000.

I’m from Downingtown, PA which is where we first held Camp Dreamcatcher in 1997, and I’ve worked and lived at various places around the country over the past 25 years. My work centers on social services and social justice. I am currently the Director of Upstream Strategies at an incredible organization named Community Solutions which works to reduce and end homelessness with local communities across the nation. My team focuses on prevention and diversion through partnerships with hospitals, healthcare groups, corrections departments, public health officials, schools and landlords.

There are so many legendary quotes from campers and transformative moments that have happened over the years!  Something I always look forward to is our Wish Log Ceremony. A community of love, inclusion and equity is made real on that night.


Taj Brown & Derek Andress