Significant Achievements over the Past Twenty-Three Years:

  • Total Number of unduplicated HIV/AIDS Impacted Youth served: 5,300 children
  • Camp Dreamcatcher has provided 23 camp sessions and 27 weekend retreats to children and families coping with HIV/AIDS
  • Provided 34 Reunion Events for HIV/AIDS impacted children and their families
  • 930 children have been served through our holiday Adopt-a-Family Program
  • 1,000 counselors have attended our HIV/AIDS & Diversity Training
  • HIV/AIDS education and outreach has been provided to over 500 schools and community groups, reaching over 20,000 people

What Campers Experience at Camp Dreamcatcher:

  • I felt I could ask for help at camp:  86%
  • Camp increased my communication skills:  88%
  • It was easier to talk about HIV/AIDS at camp: 88%
  • I felt supported by volunteers and staff at camp:  89%
  • I could relate to the feelings and concerns of other campers: 92%
  • I made strong friendships at camp:  92%
  • I would recommend camp to a friend: 92%
  • There was someone I could talk to at camp: 96%
  • I enjoyed the activities: 97%
  • I made new friends at camp: 98%
  • Is it important to have a place like Camp Dreamcatcher: 99%

What makes Camp Dreamcatcher unique?

  • “The good friends I make.”
  • “Therapy Groups.”
  • “Going to Activities.”
  • “They support everyone like family.”
  • “The pool is unique because it is fun.”
  • “Gaga Ball.”
  • “Escape Room and Go-Carts.”
  • “My friends and counselors.”
  • “It is a very special place.”
  • “Camp Game Night!”
  • “Swimming, Fishing.”
  • “They have so much to do.”
  • “Swimming and the Escape Room.”
  • “Seeing adults talking to us about our problems.”
  • “Go-Carts!”
  • “Very Fun!”
  • “I LOVE CAMP!!”