Significant Achievements over the Past Twenty-Six Years:

  • Total Number of unduplicated HIV/AIDS Impacted Youth served: 5,800 children
  • Camp Dreamcatcher has provided 26 camp sessions and 32 retreats to children and families coping with HIV/AIDS
  • Provided 33 Reunion Events for HIV/AIDS impacted children and their families
  • 1,200 children received gifts through our holiday Adopt-a-Family Program
  • 1,100 counselors have attended our HIV/AIDS & Diversity Training
  • HIV/AIDS education and outreach has been provided to over 500 schools and community groups, reaching over 20,000 people
  • 270 counselors, medical personnel, professionals and community members volunteered at the 2019 camp session.
  • 125 counselors, medical personnel, professionals and community members volunteered during the 2020 virtual camp sessions – donating 650 hours of volunteer service!


2019 Camper Evaluation Results:

  • Did you feel accepted at camp?  Yes 100%
  • Did you have fun at camp?  Yes 100%
  • Do you feel safe at camp?  Yes 100%
  • Did you feel supported by the staff and volunteers at camp?  Yes 100%
  • Did you feel there was someone to talk to at camp?  Yes 99%
  • Is it important to have a place like Camp Dreamcatcher?  Yes 99%
  • Did you feel like you could ask for help at camp?  Yes 96%
  • Were you able to talk openly about HIV/AIDS at camp?  Yes 96%
  • Did you make new friends at camp?  Yes 95%

Why Is It Important to Have a Place Like Camp Dreamcatcher?

  • “Because it is my second home.”
  • “So people with HIV/AIDS can talk to other people with the disease.”
  • “Because people need love.”
  • “It’s a good place to express feelings I usually can’t.”
  • “It’s kind of like I grew up here.”

How Were the Staff and Volunteers Supportive of You?

  • “They picked up the broken pieces of me.”
  • “They support us emotionally and physically when we are going through issues or anything.”
  • “They listen to me and they are always by my side.”
  • “They love me.”

What Makes Camp Dreamcatcher Special to You?

  • “This is where my family is.  This camp is perfect.”
  • “I can talk about my illness to friends without them saying “ewww.”
  • “We care for each other like a big family would.”

What Other Ways Did You Learn to Deal with Problems/Emotions?

  • “Change my negative thoughts and help my spirit to be positive.”
  • “If I am angry, cool it down.”
  • “Don’t use violence.”
  • “Take a deep breath.”

Would You Recommend Camp Dreamcatcher to a Friend?

  • “Yes, because it will teach them about HIV/AIDS.”
  • “Yes, because it is a beautiful community of open minded and accepting people.”
  • “I already did. My friend in cabin D2.”

If you Could Share one Part of Camp Dreamcatcher with the World, What Would It Be?

  • “That it is a safe place.”
  • “The love we have here.”
  • “That you can love people with HIV/AIDS.”
  • “That it is a wonderful, lovely and outstanding camp.”
  • “Camp Dreamcatcher is the best place to be.”
  • “It’s fun.  You get to eat every day.”