Camp Dreamcatcher is proud to serve children and families in need with our annual Adopt A Family Program. Ninety-eight percent of the families we serve are low income, leaving many of our parents and caregivers unable to provide their children with Holiday Gifts.

Every year, our goal is to increase the number of families that we are able to help with this program. We are asking for your support to achieve this goal. Each year, we notify the families that will be participating and ask them to send “wish lists” for their family. The parents and caregivers have been ecstatic to find out that their children have been picked for this program.

The lists are shared with donors who purchase gifts for the children. These donors include individuals, businesses, organizations, girl scout troops, civic groups and Camp Dreamcatcher volunteers. Over 800 donors have been involved in this program since its inception and over 11,000 gifts have been distributed to the children at the holiday open house in early December.

All Donors and Camp Dreamcatcher families are invited to our Holiday Party in December at the Garage Youth Center in Kennett Square to provide an opportunity to give gifts directly to the families. If you are unable to make the party, we will make arrangements to pick up the gifts from your home or business. The Camp Dreamcatcher Staff and all of the Camper Families are very grateful of anything you can do for the children.

If you know of others that would be interested in participating, please feel free to give them Michele Dormer’s contact information below.

Thank you so very much for your kindness. Happy Holidays!

Need more information? Contact:

Michele Dormer, Program Director
(610) 299-0055 Cell
(610) 925-2998 Office
610-925-0403 FAX