:Camp Dreamcatcher is proud to serve children and families in need with our annual Adopt A Family Program. Ninety-eight percent of the families we serve are low income, leaving many of our parents and caregivers unable to provide their children with Holiday Gifts.

Every year, our goal is to increase the number of families that we are able to help with this program. We are asking for your support to achieve this goal. Each year, we notify the families that will be participating and ask them to send “wish lists” for their family. The parents and caregivers have been ecstatic to find out that their children have been picked for this program.

The lists are shared with donors who purchase gifts for the children. These donors include individuals, businesses, organizations, girl scout troops, civic groups and Camp Dreamcatcher volunteers. Over 800 donors have been involved in this program since its inception and over 11,000 gifts have been distributed to the children at the holiday open house in early December.

Donations will be distributed at our Open House at the Camp Dreamcatcher  Office, 148 West State Street, Suite 104, Kennett Square, PA, on Sunday, December 15 from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. If you are unable to bring your gifts to the Open House, we will make arrangements to pick up the gifts from your home or business. The Camp Dreamcatcher Staff and all of the Camper Families are very grateful of anything you can do for the children.

How to Sign Up to Adopt a Family


Signups can be made at

Here, you can sign up for whichever family you would like to purchase gifts for (first names only provided). We ask that each family is signed up for together. However, you can split up the siblings among your own friends, family, company, sorority, etc. any way that you like. It is just simpler if we have one “go-to” contact for each family. There are families ranging from 1 child up to 7 children (click “see more” for each family to see the full list of campers and gifts).

The families that say “MUST SHIP” will need to be sent to Baltimore (or one in NJ) directly, wrapped and labeled with first names. Info for parents on what is inside is always helpful but not required. Others may be dropped at the Camp Dreamcatcher office or shipped if preferred. We can also arrange pick-up when necessary. If the family is picking them up in the office they will need to be there by December 14th, as families will be coming on December 15th. If you are shipping the items, they can be there as early as you would like to send them, as long as they arrive a bit before Christmas (no family has mentioned celebrating another holiday yet but we will let you know if this impacts dates).

All these gifts are ideas that came from their parents/guardians (via the campers). You are by no means required to purchase everything on the list. You can buy as much as you would like and whichever items you would like, as long as the siblings’ gifts are around the same amount or price value. We also ask that the campers receive at least some thing(s) they NEED such as winter clothing, and something they want (toys, etc.) If all the gift requests are outside of your budget, gift-cards to somewhere that may sell these items that they can put towards them is another option!

If you would like to only donate individual giftcards instead, to be given out to families with fewer gifts or older siblings who have aged out, this is another option-just let us know!

If anything is ever unclear on the gift lists or you have any questions, please reach out to Callie Fraser at Once you sign up for a family, Callie will contact you with their address if it is a family requiring shipping.

If you know of others that would be interested in participating, please feel free to give them Callie Fraser’s email address,

Thank you so very much for your kindness. Happy Holidays!

Need more information? Contact:

Callie Fraser, Program Director