The Camp Dreamcatcher Counselors are HEROES to the campers. 

Over 80% of the counselors return year after year, and many use their one week of vacation to make dreams come true for the campers.  They come together with the common goal of providing a physically and emotionally safe “home” for the children, and they do so with endless amounts of energy and joy.  We wouldn’t have Camp Dreamcatcher if not for their dedication and commitment to camp.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Our priority is the physical and emotional safety of the campers and volunteers.  We are creating a detailed safety protocol for the camp session, which will be posted here soon.  We will be offering numerous virtual training modules prior to the camp week on Trauma Informed Programming, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and our COVID-19 safety protocols.

Camp will look at bit different this year. We will have smaller cabin sizes, smaller groups for evening activities, social distancing, and mask requirements. Hand sanitizing stations will be used throughout the day. We will also be asking that both counselors and campers isolate as much as possible 2 weeks prior to the camp week (including not attending other camp weeks, going to large group gatherings etc.), and checking temperatures.  

Camp Counselors are considered to be child caregivers and can register as level B1 for the COVID-19 Vaccine. We encourage you to get vaccinated prior to the camp session in August.

Steps to becoming a counselor at Camp Dreamcatcher:

  1. Complete the counselor application on ultracamp using:
  2. Complete a counselor interview with a Camp Dreamcatcher staff member.
  3. Complete the required criminal background and child abuse clearances.
  4. Attend the HIV/AIDS & Diversity New Counselor Training prior to camp.
  5. Attend the Counselor Training the day before camp begins in mid-August.

The Impact of being a counselor at Camp Dreamcatcher:

“It has opened my eyes and allowed me to grow as an individual.”

“I think of HIV/AIDs in a completely different way and this experience enriches my life every time I come back.”

“Year after year it has shown me how important it is to be patient and understanding, knowing that everyone is trying their best amidst the challenges they face. It has shown me how important it is that kids and young adults have strong mentors, and has encouraged me to try to provide this mentorship whenever I can. And it has shown everyone how important the value of play and nature can be in our lives!”

“It has given depth to the experiences of others once thought distant because of stigma. I am forever grateful to have the empathy and understanding I have learned from working with the kids at Camp Dreamcatcher.”

“Camp has helped me grow as a young adult, taught me responsibly, and made me feel good helping kids!”

“Camp is really l life changing.”

“Camp Dreamcatcher has helped me put my own problems into perspective. And, camp has allowed me to realize that you never know what another person is going through.

“Definitely! I met my husband there along with other lifelong friends and amazing memories of working with the best kids.”

“Camp Dreamcatcher has been making a positive impact for me since I was a camper. Not only did it help me deal with the fact that I had family members with HIV, but it gave me more family. Family members that love me unconditionally and are here for the same cause as me.”

“There are not enough words to express the impact it has made.”